Patient Testimonials

Dr. Chertok: Your handling of the gingival graft at #11 for my patient was the finest periodontal work I have ever viewed. Thank you for the excellent work, and placing a “Huge Smile” on my patient’s face.

-Dr. Kevin Carrington, DDS (Orthodontist)

Dr. Chertok, You should know that Dr. White was very pleased with the results of your crown lengthening procedure. He was very complimentary to you, “Chertok does perfect work” or words to that effect.
– Joel Teller

Dr. Chertok is the Michelangelo of Gum Grafting!
– Dr. Jacqueline Williams, DDS (General Dentist)

For the 15 years that I have been his patient, Dr. Chertok has delivered very high quality periodontal assistance. I fully trust his opinions, advice, and practice. He has always helped me weigh the options before going ahead with any procedure. He has always made himself available for any emergency. He and the staff have gone out of their way for the sake of my well being. I got a sinus lift and bone was grafted into some areas. The results of the grafts were sucessful and I grew more bone, which was necessary for the implants that were placed. So instead of having bone loss, I gained new bone! I now have a full set of teeth. The implants feel and act like natural teeth. I can chew with all my teeth again!
– Linda Mori Roberts

A patient of mine was in real trouble due to her advanced gum recession. Dr. Chertok did some of the best work that I have ever seen in covering her root surfaces with gum grafts.
– Kenneth Pieri, DDS (General Dentist)

I had a very successful, absolutely painless procedure done on eight lower left teeth that needed gum work. The procedure is called “periodontal regenerative surgery with bone graft”. I had bone grafts on two of my teeth, plus large pockets on the gums which required some regenerative surgery. The procedure took about 1-1/2 hours and though I dreaded the gum work, I can honestly say I felt no pain. There were a few unpleasant tugs on my gums at areas where my gums had hardened, but aside from this, I was very comfortable and had full trust in Dr. Chertok‘s work. It is reassuring when the dentist will explain what the treatment will entail; explains what type of sensations I will be feeling when he works on the gums, etc. After experiencing gum surgery years past with a less compassionate periodontist, I fully appreciate the patient/dentist trust I felt with Dr. Chertok. Though I had a prescription for tylenol with codeine, I barely used but 3 of the tablets and felt very little if no discomfort.
– Victoria Jennings

This was perhaps the best medical experience I have ever had, from start to finish! I scheduled an appointment quickly and easily. The staff was courteous and friendly.

I had extensive periodontal surgery; there was no pain during or after the operation, which was done quickly and efficiently. During my brief follow-up visit, I had the same good experience.
Most amazingly, Dr. Chertok phoned me at home the day after the operation, the following week, and a month later, to find out how I was doing.  I have not experienced this kind of caring, compassionate attention from any medical professional in many years.  It was overwhelmingly wonderful.

I don’t wish periodontal surgery on anyone, but if you have to have it, make sure you go with Dr. Chertok.  I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the results, as I was.

Joe B

I have been treated by Dr. Chertok for years. He has given me excellent advice and care over this extended period of time. He has performed a number of procedures on me and they all have been expertly performed, often with an astonishing lack of pain. As a craftsman he is meticulous. I recently had two implants in a procedure I was truly dreading, having heard many difficult stories. I was amazed that it was a “breeze”. Dr. Chertok called me at home following all procedures. He is tuly a caring person and a first rate clinician. I trust his advice and his skill.
-Dr. Gilbert Holtzman
Dr. Keith Chertok has served me and my family as our periodontist for the past six years. He has performed complex extractions and has literally saved my gums and those of my late wife and our daughter. Dr. Chertok is a sensitive and extraordinarily gentle periodontist and extends himself not only during office visits but calls to check on us following his treatments. His detailed explanations brought a much needed sense of being thoroughly informed prior to and following treatments. He is truly a superior representative of the profession in our experience.
-Ernest Weiner
I was referred to Dr. Chertok‘s office for oral surgery. I found Dr. Chertok to be wonderful. He answered any and all questions I had. He was very professional and put me at ease. The surgery went great and he even called me that night! I returned and saw, and still see, his hygienists. They are thorough, professional and friendly. The front office was also very friendly and informative. If you are in need of a Periodontist I would highly recommend Dr. Chertok‘s office whether you live in the area or not.
-Melinda Cortessis, R.D.H.
 Thank you Dr. Chertok and Ladies for all of your hard work, gentle care and professionalism!
– Rosy A


I have been seeing Dr. Chertok for over 12 years, and I credit him and Laura, my regular hygienist, for saving my teeth from any further bone loss. With her meticulous periodic deep cleaning, they have been able to help me maintain healthy gums despite my inherited potential for chronic gum disease. Last year when two areas of recession threatened several lower teeth, Dr. Chertok recommended gum grafts at two limited sites. The procedure went efficiently and smoothly, and pain meds took care of any discomfort during the surgery. I had no pain during the brief recovery. He called me the night after the surgery to see how I was doing. The results are amazing — the grafts are pink, healthy and cover previously exposed roots. Had I known the remarkable extent of improvement, I would have opted for additional grafting. But Dr. Chertok‘s sage advice was based on not knowing how well my system would respond to the procedure. His approach was to be cautious/conservative and to achieve success incrementally. He is up on the latest technology for treatment; he recently advised no further intervention is necessary as long as my gums remain stable and healthy with periodic maintenance. Professional, knowledgeable, gentle and experienced: Couldn’t ask for anything more.

-Carol. S